grilled hot wings

Marinated Grilled Hot Wings

  • 2-3 lbs. Chicken Wings
  • 5 oz. Trailer 51 Original Hot Sauce

Prep wings by separating and removing any excess fat. Place wings in a 1 gallon zip lock bag, add 5 oz. of Trailer 51 Original Hot Sauce, close bag, and shake to mix and cover all wings. Put in refrigerator to marinate for 1-24 hours. Remove wings from bag and drain excess hot sauce.

Prepare grill for direct and in-direct cooking. Set direct area of grill on medium-high to high. Place wings on direct heat and begin grilling and rotating to achieve the amount of color and char you desire (10-20 min). The hot sauce contains sugars and honey that will quickly burn, so pay close attention, rotating wings as needed. Once the proper color has been achieved, move the wings to the in-direct closing the grill and maintaining 400 degrees for 10 min to finish wings. Place in a foil serving hotel pan, cover with foil sealing tightly, and place in a cooler or microwave to rest and hold for 10-20 minutes wrapped in towels. Toss wings in more sauce if desired and enjoy. Wings should be juicy and flavorful with the skin and fat mostly rendered.

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